The Days Inn Ste.Helene-de-Bagot is proud to offer you unbeatable value for your money with its personalized promotions and the Wyndham Rewards program. By choosing our hotel establishment, you ensure that you  obtain the best price according to your profile and your expectations.

Wyndham Rewards Loyalty Card

Enjoy the convenience of joining Wyndham Rewards, the Best Hotel Rewards Program according to Best Travel Rewards! Thanks to your loyalty card, earn bonus points redeemable in more than 6,000 hotels in Canada and the United States, and accumulate air miles or points for rail transportation.

You can redeem your Wyndham Rewards points to obtain:

  • Stays at the hotel
  • Airline or train tickets
  • Items in stores
  • Gift cards

Would you like to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Wyndham Rewards loyalty card? Sign up for the program when you stay at our hotel!

Customized Discounts

Because each of our guests is unique, the Days Inn Ste.Helene offers a top-notch place to satisfy your needs and ensures you get the best rate based on your profile. A simple call to our premises will give you access to the discount that corresponds to your situation:

  • Corporate rate
  • Trucker's rate
  • Worker’s rate
  • Group rate

Stay with us, will ensure an optimal comfort near the principal attractions in Quebec... at a fraction of the price displayed in the major urban centers! Call us now to get discounted rates and get a room at the most affordable price.

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