To plan your stay at the Days Inn Saint-Hélène, there are two simple booking options:

  • Call us at (450) 791-2580 directly to ensure you enjoy the best rate available based on your profile and your needs (corporate discounts, group rates, special rates for truckers and workers ...);
  • Make your reservation online.

Payment terms

We accept several payment methods, including direct payment and by credit card. Leaving your credit card number in guarantee at the time of your reservation allows you to make sure that we will keep your room, and it does not matter the hour of your arrival at the hotel; Without your credit card number to guarantee your reservation, we commit ourselves to keeping the room in your name until 4 pm the day of your arrival.

Arrival and departure times

Your room is available from 2 pm on the day of your reservation and must be vacated at 12 noon on the day of your departure. You wish to obtain your room earlier or you want to benefit from a late check-out? We are committed to meeting your expectations; Call us to find out what options are available to you.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your reservation without expenses at the Days Inn Ste.Helene until 4 pm on the day of your arrival. If your cancellation occurs after 4 pm on the same day or if you omit to present yourself at the hotel, your first night will be invoiced to you.

Call us today to learn more about our booking conditions